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主题: Lottery State-by-State-All

Lottery State-by-State-All 1 周 1 天 ago #433

The state-by-state winning lottery numbers through Friday: QH-5C-10C-2H-5S (QH, 5C, 10C, 2H, 5S) 05-07-08-11-13-14-15-17-18-19 (five, seven, eight, eleven, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen) 01-02-03-04-06-11-13-15-19-20 (one, two, three, four, six, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, nineteen, twenty) 1-0-8 (one, zero, eight) 02-14-19-21-30 (two, fourteen, nineteen, twenty-one, thirty) Estimated jackpot: $51,000 2-7-1 (two, seven, one) 9-2-5 (nine, two, five) 8-8-1-4 (eight, eight, one, four) 6-7-5-8 (six, seven, five, eight) 01-02-14-18-38 (one, two, fourteen, eighteen, thirty-eight) Estimated jackpot: $70,000 9-0-4 (nine, zero, four) 5-7-5 (five, seven, five) 3-4-2-4 (three, four, two, four) 1st:7 Eureka-2nd:2 Lucky Star-3rd:1 Gold Rush, Race Time: 1:49.

(1st: 7 Eureka, 2nd: 2 Lucky Star, 3rd: 1 Gold Rush; Race Time: one: 49.70) Estimated jackpot: $248,000 03-10-27-37-39 (three, ten, twenty-seven, thirty-seven, thirty-nine) Estimated jackpot: $175,000 03-10-11-24-30 (three, ten, eleven, twenty-four, thirty) Estimated jackpot: $20,000 1-1-7 (one, one, seven) 2-9-8 (two, nine, eight) 02-12-23-26-32 (two, twelve, twenty-three, twenty-six, thirty-two) 08-15-17-19-20-28 (eight, fifteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-eight) Estimated jackpot: $1.

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